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If it is more recent it could still be worth money but it is less likely to be worth a lot. If the game was made before the 1990s it could have some value because based on the title it sounds like it might be a war game which usually had low print runs and there are collectors who really like war games.

There are a couple of marks on the box and a small crease to the right side of the midline join on the board but it still lies flat when opened. This is mostly due to it being the most well known/recognizable of the three games. Being the most well known game, it had more copies made and there have been several reprints of the game throughout the years. This reduces the value of the game since unless a person wants a specific version of the game you can find a cheaper new version of the game. The 1967 version of the game is around $40 on Amazon but most of the newer versions are worth $20 or less. The true value of the game comes down to if it was an original printing or one of the earlier reprints.

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The game probably sat for a while and the seller just wanted to get rid of it so they sold it really cheap. Since it doesn’t look like a lot of copies of the game were made, the game is probably pretty rare. If you were patient and willing to wait you might be able to get around $50-$100 if you could find someone who really wants the game. The game has a lot going for it with it being a family fantasy adventure game that wasn’t widely produced. The question is whether anyone is actually looking for the game. On eBay I did find one copy of the game which was sold from the United Kingdom.

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If the game is missing pieces I would highly recommend selling it somewhere else. The other issue with Amazon is that a decent amount of rare games won’t be found on Amazon and therefore you can’t sell them on the site. If the game doesn’t currently have a product page, you have to create your own listing page for the item and that can only be done if the game has a UPC code. To sell on Amazon you need to read the selling guidelines closely and follow them or Amazon can revoke your selling privileges quickly.

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Looking at the information for the game on Board Game Geek it looks like Lords, Lands, and Legends was published by a small company which means that it likely wasn’t widely produced. The game only has one version of the game on Board Game Geek so either no one has updated the page to indicate another printing run or there was only 500 copies of the game ever made. Being made by a small company there is a good chance that there never was a second printing of the game.

If this describes the game I could see the game being worth around $50-$300 but I would need more information about the game. A more recent game would have to be rare or was expensive to begin with to be worth a lot of money. If the game looks like it would have cost quite a bit when it was first sold it could still retain some of that value. Now on Board Game Geek Kingmaker seems to be going for more like $40-$50 if it has all of the pieces. Board Game Geek usually has a pretty good grasp on how much a game is worth since the site is for board game enthusiasts so they generally have a good idea of what the game is worth. I have a 1974 Ariel Kingmaker board game – it was removed from the box once when first purchased (in the 70’s) but has never been played… I have checked and it’s complete.

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If it is the original printing or one of the first re-prints I would guess the game could be worth hundreds to thousands of dollars. Five years ago someone on BoardGameGeek listed an early emulator online version of the game for $800. I don’t now if it ever sold but a game from the 1790s in good shape should sell for hundreds to thousands of dollars. Based on some quick research I think one of the games could be worth a moderate amount while the other unfortunately is not going to be worth much. Amazon and Amazon buyers are a lot pickier than eBay though. If your game is in poor condition, you might not want to sell it on Amazon.

It sold for less than $10 plus shipping back in August. Since this copy didn’t sell for a lot, I wouldn’t say that the game is worth a ton. I think the game could be worth more than that copy sold for though. Before you brought the game to my attention, I had never heard of the game. Generally the best area to find information about a board game is Board Game Geek which you already looked at.

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